Why you should Grow a Beard?

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Reasons are many to grow a beard. Sticking to your clean-shaved face is one thing you can do at any time. Some people don’t even leave a small strand of hair on their face, but there are certain convincing reasons to let the nature’s gift grow itself. If you are the type of guy who prefer shaving blades (if you were you wouldn’t have been here), look into the mirror, see your face, read this article and look again..

1. Women wear Makeup; Men grow Beard

This statement is enough to justify the question why men should grow a beard. Beard is beautiful and natural. A precious gift that you give to your face. You don’t fake a beard. You don’t wear it while going out and remove it before sleeping. Real men grow beard.

2. Your Personality justified

People can identify the kind of person you are by looking at you. Kind-hearted, tough, polite, flirty – your beard reflects your personality. People can guess the type of person you are and watch the way they make out to reach towards you. And that tells us –



3. Beards are attractive

Ten men are standing in a row wearing the finest suits, tie, watches and everything that is a luxury for a man. And only one of them has a beard. Whom are you imagining now? The bearded man is bound to grab all the attention in the line besides all the handsome clean-shaved heads.

4. Symbol of Masculinity

Your beard demands respect from others. Without the presence of it, all other qualities that portray a man becomes irrelevant. Beards were considered as a matter of prestige in past. If you were in the medieval age and touched the beard of another man, you would probably face consequences.



5. The Commanding you

Your beard invokes in you the leadership quality and you find yourselves in positions ahead. Also in a group, people tend to listen more to those with beards. Take a glance through the pictures of dictators of the world.
Quick Tip: People trust bearded men more.

6. You are cool among your friends

Having a beard makes you stand out among your friends. Also you find people of your tribe easily and the beard is the conversation starter.


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7. Gives you something to do with your hand

Have you noticed wise men running their fingers through their beards while thinking? You can always do that doesn’t matter you need to think a lot. Your beard is surely a subject to explore.


hands on beard

8. Health Benefits of Beards

Additionally it blocks UV rays, prevents acne, acts as a natural filter, no wrinkles, keeps your skin moist, gives you protection against allergens. In all you have a healthier skin. And also it is a natural warmer in winter.
P.S. :- Winter Beards

9. She finds her way towards You!

Of course! Women loves beard. A shaved face always looks the same, whereas a bearded man is not the same everyday. His beard has the charm to make her constantly stare at him. Why not then?



10. Beards are Trending!

#Beards all over. They are the most trending in today’s lifestyle market. You will get the perfect excuse to buy beard care products. Grow your beard, click a pic and post it with the best #.


There is no point in having a conversation on this topic. Growing a beard is the best thing you will ever do.

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