10 Reasons on Why You Should Use a Beard Oil?

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Nowadays there has been increased sightings of beard oil ads all over the internet. Many men are going after it too, but do you know what it actually does to your mane. Know the advantages of using a beard oil –

1. Know what it is before using it



Understanding the composition of a beard oil is important before using it. Beard oil contains two types of oil – Carrier and essential oils. Carrier oil form the base of the mixture and contains about 90% of the actual solution. Natural oils like Coconut, jojoba and almond oils are popular ones.

2. Moisturizing the skin under your beard

The main job of carrier oil is to moisturize the skin under your beard and keep it soft, shiny and smooth. If you have kept a beard for long time, you might have probably noticed the skin beneath getting red, dry and even bit flaky! Carrier oils gets into the pores of skin and revitalizes the skin and hair follicle.

3. Vitamin E makes your skin and beard healthy

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Most beard oils contain vitamin E which is essential for healthy hair and skin care. Carrier oil also contains key ingredients like vitamins A, D as well and has concentrations of linoleic and oleic acids contributing in overall healthy beard growth.

4. Your Beard smells Great!

Essential oils determine the scent of any bear oil. Ranging from sandalwood, lavender, cedar wood, beard oil acts as natural cologne. Step out everyday with your beard smelling fresh.

5. Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Aging


Essential oils such as sandalwood are natural anti-septic and perform the job of getting into your skin reducing bacterial infections. Clears occurrence of acne, inflammation of skin and keeps facial hair flake-free.

6. Mimics Sebum oil produced by beard follicle



At the root of every beard follicle, there is a pair of sebaceous glands which produces sebum oil. It has the role of keeping your beard well-nourished and moisturized. More the length of beard, more sebum oil is produced. Beard oil act as an add-on to the natural sebum oil.

7. Prevents that Nasty Itchiness

The sebum oil produced naturally remains constant while your beard keeps on growing in length. Due to insufficient sebum oil, the skin becomes dried out and itchy. So beard oils are necessary to get away from the nasty beard itch and to supplement proper nourishment.

8. And you can’t imagine of Beardruff!

When the beard starts to itch, the skin under starts to flake and shows out on your black collars as Beardruff. It is one of the worst situation a man can in to be. Only Beard oil can rescue you from such a dreadful condition. Or else you have to take your razor out.


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9. Prevents Tangling of beard

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Some people’s beard might tend to tangle as it grows in length. It makes the whole appearance clumsy and makes it difficult to grow long beard. Regular application of beard oil makes it straight and soft.

10. Applying your beard oil



The best time to apply beard oil is right after showering or cleansing your face in morning. By this the hair follicles and pores are open and can absorb in oil easily. The quantity depends on the weather condition outside. Apply more if it’s a dry season.


Time to take care of your beard now. Grab a bottle of beard oil and start rubbing it on your face.


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