Beard Wax – A Luxury for Man to Style his Beard

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Have you ever wondered how these male celebrities get that perfectly shaped and elegantly designed styles of beard with not even a single hair looking out of the band? No, you don’t need professional hair experts for that. Buy a tin of Beard wax and work out wonders –

1. Styling for Professionals

beard wax


Achieve the perfectly elaborate and elegant looking styled beard without any compromises using Beard wax. Beard wax holds your facial hair in place according to how you style it, giving a more defined appearance. The same way you use your hair gel to style your hair.

2. Why should you use it?



To keep those stray hairs from wandering away in different directions. It might not get noticed as often, but it looks not so good on the face of people with long beard. Keeps your beard looking nice and strong while protecting it from wind and rain.

3. Who doesn’t love those Handlebar mustaches


Giving the moustache ends twirls and pointing it upwards fails all sort of things you do to look more manly. These twirls can only be achieved if you wax your moustache properly. Read ahead to know how to nail handle bar mustaches properly.

4. Beard Wax didn’t appear recently

Beard wax has been used since ages. Although the nineteenth century saw wide use of this classical antiquity, it was used as a styling product from past. Nowadays the use of wax on beard is not so popular.

5. From where does the wax comes?



The wax contained in Beard wax is mostly Bee-wax. Nowadays, some may contain petroleum wax as base. They are mixed with natural oils, conditioners, softeners and scents. The waxes also differ in holding strength ranging from Light, Strong to Extra-Strong.

6. Avoid using Chemical Wax

Avoid traditional wax containing petrochemicals. They are found out to clog pores, cause acne and irritate skin. Most of them are mixed with beeswax and comes in tubes. Go for organic wax and have a look on ingredients while purchasing one.

7. Choose the smell you want to go with

Beard wax comes enhanced with different scented oils to give your beard a nice aroma to shine with. Fell the freshness in your beard as it stands out among others.


Added benefits – Why use a beard oil?

8. Is it different from moustache wax?



The composition of beard and moustache wax doesn’t differ so as much but both perform separate functions. Beard wax acts like a conditioner, subduing your curls and stray growth of hair while later holds the moustache more tightly in position. You can work with beard wax on your moustache.

9. How to use beard wax?

Comb and brush your beard after cleaning it. Work a small amount of wax onto hands and apply to hair gently. Don’t apply to much wax as it looks greasy. Once applied evenly, shape your beard as you want.

10. Applying Beard wax on your moustache

A bit difficult to accomplish it perfectly depending upon the size of the stache but remember, Practice makes a Man Perfect! Scrap off a little wax using finger nail and flatten it between the fingers. Apply from the center and spread it. Aiming to achieve the style you want will take some days to perfect.

11. Women Love it


And of course, your professionally shaped beard is bound to catch attention of all those pretty women around you. She loves the soft fell it gives. The wax holds on to your beard and so does you…

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