Beard Styles for those with Less Facial Hair

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It’s a terrible pain for those men who wish to grow a super cool beard but unfortunately, they don’t get enough facial hair at all. Many guys give up and stick to a clean-shaved. If you face the same trouble, Beardari has summed up a list of beard styles for the lads with less or thin facial hair.

1. The Stubble

stubble beard styles


The classic stubble is the best style to keep if you deal with less facial hair. Regarded as the sexiest style, the shades of the shadow can go perfectly anywhere giving you the he-man look. Give some time and let the thin strands of hair cover larger surface area of your face. Trim the hair at places where it grows more, keeping the level same.

2. The Chin Strap beard

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Let the beard run through your jaw-line to the chin all through to the other side of your face to get the funky look. Remember not all the face shapes go well with this style, round and oblong faces suits it well. But you can always experiment. For adults, include the moustache in the style. Take extreme care to outline the beard.

3. Goatee (with moustache)



Goatee has always remained favorite of many since years and the great part is people with less beard can achieve the look simply. You need hair on your jaw and you can experiment with different varieties of goatee. Connect with your moustache to get a professional look or else make a U or W below your lips. Use trimmer every few days.

4. Horseshoe Moustache



Then she meets a handsome Cowboy… Allow the hair to grow out full on the lip and then extend it downwards to the jaw line. The inverted ‘U’ finds a nice counterpart with rough and tough manly look, but you can keep it as simple as you wish regardless it always makes you look captivating. Let no hair grow past the jaw line.

5. Moustache


Keep a simple moustache if you can’t grow beard easily. Keep the moustache over time and let it become thicker. The Great Indian Moustache without beard differentiates Indian men and their masculine nature. You can experiment with different styles later but keeping a moustache is better than a clean-shaved face. Also most of the bosses aren’t against of it.

6. Soul patch



Also known as the ‘Imperial’, it is common beard style for beginners. Keep hair on the small portion below the middle of the lower lip. Keep the size according to your preference. This variation of the goatee and can tackle your ‘no beard at all face’ and will get you a mistaken gent impression.

7. Mutton Chops



You might always have seen big and scruffy mutton chops of rock stars playing guitars loudly, but trimmed mutton chops, small in length also looks well. Initially from these sideburns only emerges the bigger chops. Observe how long the sideburns can go down and then trim it to perfection.

8. Pencil Beard



Thinner than the chin strap beard, it runs through the jaw line starting from your hair, travelling across the chin while connecting the moustache downwards, all through to the other side of your face. The half-inch strip of hair is known for its sharply defined lines and playful nature.

9. The Brett

Want a Brett beard? This not so common style is a careful combination of the chin strap and soul patch beard. Remember that unlike chin strap beard, Brett doesn’t makes contact with the sideburns. A mix of different qualities reflects from your face. So why don’t you try a Brett now?

10. Van Dyke



The favorite of David Beckham and Robert Downy Jr. aka Tony Stark is a scared masterpiece carved skillfully. Men sporting Van Dyke are very charming and intensely deep (also Jonny Deep). Pointy mustache and short pointy chin beard; easy for a man dealing with less beard and the best he can carve out. No need of hair on side of face.


Upkeep regularly to maintain its look. So here’s the best styles Beardari suggests you to master less hair on your face. One thing! Be Patient. Hard work will pay-off and sporting a beard is an uphill work a man does every day.


Comment down the style which you are going to tailor.

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